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Concerned About Unconventional Mental Health Interventions?

Concerned About Unconventional Mental Health Interventions?
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Monday, June 13, 2016

Webinar for Parents Of Children with Disruptive Behaviors 6/17/2016

Hello everybody-- I want to call your attention to a webinar for parents that will be held by the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities on Friday, June 17, 2016, 1-2:30 PM Eastern time. To register, go to htpps:// There is no charge for participation.

This webinar is about learning to do a parent version of behavior therapy for children whose behavior is disruptive, perhaps because of ADHD.

According to the announcement I received:

During the webinar, parents and families will learn about:
·        What is behavior therapy for young children and why it is delivered by parents; the parents’ role in fostering a healthy and positive environment for their children;
·        What parent training in behavior therapy looks like (including what programs and interventions are effective for young children with ADHD and other disruptive behaviors);
·        What they can expect when being trained in behavior therapy (setting, number of sessions, activities during sessions, homework, time to see progress, types of skills addressed in the training);
·        When medication is recommended for children with ADHD;
·        Questions to ask their primary care physician or referring clinician;
·        Questions to ask a potential parent training provider before beginning training in behavior therapy;
·        How to monitor treatment progress to decide whether or not a provider and/or treatment is a good fit for your child’s needs.

This promises to be a very helpful experience for parents who are concerned about children's disruptive behavior!

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