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Concerned About Unconventional Mental Health Interventions?
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Friday, September 24, 2021

Ill-Judged Encouragement of "Facilitated Communication" by Vermont


Janyce Boynton, an activist working to protect nonverbal people and their families from use of the discredited “facilitated communication” (FC) technique, has commented on another blog about events in the state of Vermont. I am reposting these links because I think it is critical for people to know how problematic FC actually is.

Although supporters of FC believe that this method of pointing at letters and words allows nonverbal people to communicate their real thoughts to others, it is unfortunately the case that no systematic evidence supports this claim. Instead, we have seen disastrous effects on families when FC “interpreters” have made accusations that family members had abused their nonverbal relative. Even though those investigations did not show that such abuse had occurred, unsubstantiated or even retracted allegations of abuse cannot be undone and continue to harm families and individuals.

Here is what Janyce Boynton has had to say about the involvement of Vermont with FC:


Vermont DAIL's Commitment to a Discredited Technique

"New" Vermont Facilitated Guidelines. Really?

Vermont Allows Abuse Allegation Disclosures and Interviews Using a Discredited Technique

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