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Concerned About Unconventional Mental Health Interventions?
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Another Query About Eye Contact

I received the following question on a page that is already completed filled with comments and cannot post any more. I hope the writer will see this-- and that everybody interested in this issue will read my request NOT to post to the filled page! There are plenty of other pages commenting on eye contact that you can use!

Hi Dr. My baby is 8 months old (corrected age 7) was admitted in NICU for 18 days... I am worried he is not making eye contact though he looks at the lights and tracks bright objects but then his attention diverts to smthn else... He is sitting with support and sits unsupported for 4-5 min... Not yet crawling... I am worried.. We got his eyes chek-up and the doc said may be he wl need glasses.. is that a reason fr him nt mkin contact?? He does not recognise whether i m in the room or not... though he recognises my sound n touch.. plz doc help m worried

Yes, certainly not seeing well is an excellent reason for failing to make eye contact. The baby has to see your eyes before he can "contact" them. It's not unusual for babies born prematurely to have visual impairments. He may be able to see the easy, attention-getting things like lights and bright objects but not have good enough uncorrected vision to see your face well. It sounds as if your doctor is monitoring the situation and may even get glasses prescribed soon. If glasses are prescribed, please do your best to make sure they are worn as required in order for him to use vision for cognitive and motor tasks-- he may hesitate to crawl or walk if he can't see where he is going.

Meanwhile, do talk to and play with him as much as you can so he can be learning about the social world even though he can't see well. Good luck to your family!

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